GSA Services

The GSA is well known for offering printing services to students to supplement the lack of resources offered by academic departments to graduate students. In addition to this small service we also offer many other services and programs to graduate students.

Offices: The GSA has three offices: Uptown, CC 307/8, Downtown, Draper 009, and East GEC 156. Each officer provides printing and copying as well as a Kuerig (just remember to bring your own Kcups or Coffee).

Lounge: The GSA Uptown Office has a lounge with a microwave, refrigerator, spring water, a Kuerig available for your use! If you would like to reserve the conference table for a meeting, please e-mail

Copying/Printing: Every graduate student who pays the GSA fee on their student account is entitled to 350 prints/copies every 2 weeks. You must sign up with an Office Manager in the Uptown Office or e-mail ( your name, the last five digits of your SUNY ID card, expected graduation date and what campus you want to register at – Uptown, Downtown, or East. No copying of books will be allowed.

Announcements: Graduate students can receive updated announcements on jobs, listings, and call for papers through the GSA Listerv. Also deadlines and new Events are announced through the GSAListserv and are sent to you via email weekly. We also have a Guerilla Listserv that is sent out less often but is about how you can get directly involved in our advocacy work. Details about the Listservs are here.

Orientation: Our Programming Chair coordinates an orientation program for new and returning students in the Fall and Spring. This is an opportunity for students to gain valuable information about the organization and various services on campus.

RGSO Events: All events held by graduate student groups are open to all graduate students free of charge. You can learn about these events by signing up for our listserv.

Newsletter: The GSA also works with its network to produce a newsletter called “The Purple Paper” which is sent out to all students over the listserv.