Recognized Graduate Student Organization

Here are some FAQs for RGSO processes

  1. New RGSOs

    Who can I contact if I have questions about applying to be an RGSO?

    If you have questions about applying to be an RGSO, how to fill out the paperwork, or anything else RGSO related, contact the GSA Vice President at

    When is the application due?

    The application is due the first Monday after the first assembly meeting of the fall (September) and spring (February) semesters. You can find the application on MyInolvement (

    How is money allocated to groups? What time-frame am I supposed to request money for?

    money is allocated on a rolling basis to RGSOs. You must submit an event sheet ( a minimum of 1 month before you want to hold your event, earlier if possible, so it can be reviewed by the RGSO Committee. Please consult the RGSO Guidelines and RGSO Welcome Packet, both of which can be found here (

    Can my RGSO be recognized and not hold events?

    Yes. You can be a recognized group with all voting rights and other responsibilities and not hold events. You can also choose to hold events without GSA money.

  2. Application & Recognition Questions

  3. If my RGSO is not recognized in the fall can we get money and be recognized in the spring?

    Yes. You can become recognized at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters and apply for funding.

    Can my RGSO be recognized and not hold events?

    Yes. You can be a recognized group with all voting rights and other responsibilities and not hold events. You can also choose to hold events without GSA money.

  4. Event Questions

  5. How do I reserve a room on campus?

    1. Go to to register.

    2. Go to the SUNY Albany Event Management System Homepage

    3. Log in

    4. Click on “Reservations” in the navigation bar at the top of the page and select where you want to reserve a space.

    5. Search for available rooms at the date and time you want your event

    6. Select the room you want to book

    7. Verify you have read the terms and conditions then click continue

    8. Fill out the form and submit.

    TIP: If you click on browse, you can look to see which rooms are which type of set up.

    What food is tax exempt in New York State?
    This website will tell you which foods you can purchase in the State of New York and will not be charged tax. If you purchase certain foods, you will not have to pay tax and can be reimbursed the full amount you spent!

    How do I get food catered by sodexo for my event?

    Can I be reimbursed tax when I make a purchase for an event?

    Not for New York State tax. The Graduate Student Association in strict legal terms is not a "real" financial entity. To accommodate this problem the GSA has a contractual agreement with the University Auxiliary Services which makes them our fiscal agent. This means that technically all financial transactions are actually being made by UAS, not the GSA. The University Auxiliary Services are tax exempt in New York State, but NYS tax law does not allow for any individual to be reimbursed for purchases bought on behalf of the tax exempt entity. The University Auxiliary Services cannot legally reimburse New York State tax, so the GSA cannot either. However, this does not apply to tax outside of New York State. Also, in the event that we are able to facilitate direct payment instead of reimbursement, the GSA can utilize the UAS tax exempt form.

    Since we cannot reimburse tax, you need to be sure to only request the pre-tax amount listed on the receipt when submitting your purchase request in My Involvement and when submitting your payee certification.

  6. Purchase Request/Voucher and My Involvement Questions

  7. How do I submit an online purchase request?

    Click here to download the pdf showing step by step process.

    When do I use an independent contractor form?

    When you are paying a speaker an honorarium, regardless of whether they are from the university or coming from somewhere else or if you are contracting with an entity such as a DJ.

    When do I have to get an independent contractor form signed?

    All contracts require the GSA President's signature. The President must sign the contract BEFORE the event is held but you do not need to have the Social Security Number of the contractor before the President signs it. All other information on the contractor form will suffice for the President to approve the contract. The Social Security Number or Employee Identification Number (EIN) is necessary for the fiscal agent to process payment and must be included before the contract is submitted to process payment. RGSOs must submit the contract for signing no later than two weeks before the event is scheduled. All contracts will be signed by the GSA President within one week after submission, and placed in the respective RGSO's mailbox within the GSA uptown office.Once signed by all parties and you have had your event the contracts must be submitted to the GSA Vice President with all other voucher paperwork for financial processing.

    What do I have to submit on my involvement for a voucher? When do I have to submit it?

    You must submit a filled out purchase request and upload a blank document in the document field. This must be done within three weeks of the date you held your event

    What do I have to submit to the GSA Vice President in hardcopy for a voucher? When do I have to submit it?

    You must submit a payee certification, the original receipts, and contracts, if applicable. This must be in an envelope (which you can get at the GSA office) with the voucher number from your electronic voucher so that the paperwork can be matched up. It must be submitted within four weeks of the date of your event. The GSA cannot move your voucher through the process without all of this paperwork.

    Can I e-mail a scanned copy of my receipts/invoice and payee certification?

    Unfortunately, no. University Auxiliary Services must have original receipts/invoices and payee certifications so you have to hand it in at the Uptown GSA Office. Remember: you have 4 weeks from the date of your event to submit these items in hard copy.

    Why do I not have the finance tab in myinvolvement to submit a voucher?

    Only the President and Treasurer of each RGSO have access and the ability to submit a voucher request on behalf of their RGSO. If you are a President or Treasurer, please contact Elizabeth Conrad in the Office of Student Involvement about getting access.

    What address do I use to send any interoffice mail to the GSA?

    Our mailing address for interoffice and regular mail is Campus Center 130 (the office of student involvement)​.