About the GSA

Equity and Inclusion: The GSA affirms its commitment to the principles of equity and inclusion and acknowledges the pervasiveness of inequality in society and in higher education. The GSA considers itself a proactive and progressive organization and charges a Multicultural and Affirmative Action Chair with ensuring that all our advocacy work upholds progressive values. We also have a Wages & Benefits Committee which considers employment issues of graduate students, including GTAs, adjuncts, and unfunded students.

Institutional Advocacy: The GSA is sructurally built into the governance system of the University in several ways. We have 5 votes in the University Senate, as well as additional seats on University Senate Councils, and a seat on the University Council (the University President’s advisory board). Click here for Senate meeting schedule

External Advocacy: The GSA is a member of the National Association of Graduate-Professional Students which is an organization focused on best practices sharing, leadership development, and legislative advocacy. As a member school, we have a right to a vote at the Northeast Regional Conference as well as the National Conference. NAGPS not only offers leadership development at their conferences, but also provides mechanisms for graduate student advocacy through their bi-annual Legislative Action Days.

The GSA also has a vote in the SUNY System Student Assembly.