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The University at Albany ranks first among all SUNY campuses in study abroad activity for its students. According to figures recently released, UAlbany placed nearly 500 students in study abroad programs during the year ending in 2004.

"Our most important goal for several years has been to develop students' expectations that all undergraduates can and should study abroad--and then be ready to make it possible for them to do so," said Jim Pasquill, Director of Study Abroad and Exchanges. "We are pleased to see that our efforts are paying off. During the freshmen orientation, we tell the students to come to college with a passport and plan to use it."




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Do you dream of traveling to exotic places, broadening your horizons, testing your personal mettle, studying French in Paris? The University at Albany has more than 50 study abroad programs in 25 countries. Add to that the offerings by the SUNY system and this number expands to 300 programs in 50 countries.

Students can opt for semester, yearlong or summer programs - there's something to fit every need and desire. Here are two UAlbany students who have "gone global" and love every minute of it:




7 Myths About Study Abroad

1. What if I don't want to learn another language?
No problem. The University at Albany has study abroad programs all over the world, including programs taught in English in the following locations:

Dominican Republic


South Africa
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom

2. And if I already speak another language?
In addition to offering courses taught in English, many sites provide students with advanced language skills the opportunity to enroll directly into regular university classes in the host language. You can study creative writing in Scotland as easily as you can study history in Spain.

3. I can't study abroad - I want to graduate on time
You can do both. With advanced planning, you can take courses that will fit into your academic sequence and count towards your degree! UAlbany students usually study abroad in their junior or senior year, but some programs accept qualified sophomores.

4. Will I get academic credit?
Absolutely. UAlbany students that attend any SUNY Study Abroad program will receive UAlbany credit towards their degrees.

5. Study abroad is too expensive
Not necessarily. Costs vary depending on the site you choose and we make every attempt to keep costs as low as possible. Many study abroad programs are the same or lower in cost than spending the year or semester at the University at Albany. Plus, since you will remain a registered student at UAlbany while you study abroad, you can still qualify for financial aid. Depending on the costs of your program, you may even be eligible for additional financial aid.

6. My grades aren't good enough to go abroad
While most programs expect a 2.5 to 3.0 GPA we do also consider recommendations and essays in reviewing applications. It can't hurt to try.

7. I don't want to leave my friends, family, and boyfriend/girlfriend
We understand how intimidating it might seem to leave your loved ones at home, but just think -- you get to have an unforgettable overseas experience and they'll have a great vacation destination, complete with tour guide if they come to visit you!


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