Alyssa Lotmore, "Respect each other's space."
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Roommates 101

University at Albany Class of '07 grad Alyssa Lotmore is an experienced roommate. On the road with UAlbany's women's track and field team, she frequently shared a small hotel room with other female athletes for as long as five days at a time.

“Compromise is a big thing,” said Lotmore. “Don’t let small things get to you.” At the same time, when an issue is bothering you, bring it up in a respectful way and use good communication skills, she said.

Tips for New Roommates

  • Be respectful of your roommate, each other's space, and the things they like to do.
  • Keep your commitments. If itís your turn to empty the trash, do it!
  • Your roommate turns up the volume for Martina McBride and you strongly prefer Ludacris? Talk about it, and be direct, but in the spirit of working it out.