Esmeralda Hoscoy, "Believe in yourself."
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Create Your Own Opportunities

On Esmeralda Hoscoy's first visit to the UAlbany campus, she discovered that a world of opportunity awaited her here.

“I wanted to do something big, to go where no one knew me and strike out on my own,” said Hoscoy, Class of 2007. She took advantage of all that UAlbany offered while gaining valuable experience. She was vice president of the Student Association, a director on the University Auxiliary Services Board, and an intern with the New York State Senate, all while working 30 to 40 hours a week in on- and off-campus jobs.

Tips for Creating Your Own Opportunities

  • Take the initiative. Participating in the more than 200 student clubs and groups on campus lets you explore your interests while meeting new people.
  • Believe in yourself. “You can do it,” Esmeralda’s mother always told her.
  • Enjoy performances at the Performing Arts Center, exhibits at the University Art Museum, and encounters with Pulitzer Prize-winning authors at the New York Writers Institute.
  • Make connections. Creating opportunities at UAlbany has led Hoscoy to a rewarding graduate program in public policy at Rockefeller College.