Charles Frederick, "Introduce yourself, ask questions and follow through."
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Get to Know Your Professors

Charles Frederick discovered early on that one way to ensure a great beginning at the University at Albany is by getting to know your professors.

“The best experience was being able to interact with my professors,” said Frederick, a Class of 2007 graduate now enrolled in law school. “Professors Jim Hargett and Susanna Fessler (both of East Asian Studies) have been a huge inspiration to me. You can tell they love what they do so much.”

Tips for Getting to Know Your Professors

  • Introduce yourself. Don’t be shy!
  • Take advantage of faculty office hours. Most faculty post their office hours so that students know their availability.
  • Stumped by an assignment? Say so. Ask questions, find out what the professor wants, and follow through. Professors notice those who make the effort.