Russian Master of Arts Degree Program

Admissions to the program have been suspended effective May 2010.

General Sequence (30 credits minimum)

  1. All students are required to complete an 16-credit core program consisting of the following coursework: Rus 501 (3), 4 additional credits of advanced language, and 8 credits in Russian literature, of which 4 must be in 19th and 4 must be in 20th century literature. Remaining 14 credits are electives. Up to 6 credits of the 14 may be taken in other academic fields as advised.

  2. Satisfactory completion of a Russian proficiency examination.

  3. Satisfactory completion of a major field examination in Russian language and literature.

  4. Foreign language requirement. Competence in a second foreign language (preferably German or French) is highly recommended, but it is not required for the master's degree.