Public Administration & Policy Dual Master’s Program in Public Affairs and Policy (M.A.) and Social Work – MACRO Concentration (M.S.W.)

Admissions to program have been suspended effective September 2009.

The Dual Master's Degree Program in Public Affairs and Policy (M.A.) and Social Work (M.S.W.) prepares students with a commitment to humanitarian values, knowledge of U.S. social service delivery systems, and advanced skills to analyze and formulate public policy relevant to social welfare. Because this M.A. in Public Affairs and Policy (MPP) is coupled with the MACRO Concentration of the M.S.W. program, students are given the opportunity to combine a commitment to public social policy with strong analytic skills in formulating and analyzing policy. The dual degree program requires a minimum of 87 graduate credits. Students take the standard MPP program, using social work courses to satisfy the program’s requirement for an elected public policy field and a social work field instruction course to satisfy the requirement for an internship. M.S.W. degree program electives are satisfied with MPP courses.

This program is a Council on Social Work Education accredited M.S.W. program under the School of Social Welfare’s current accreditation.

Students must be accepted through the admissions process set forth by each program and must be eligible to matriculate in both programs. Admission into one program does not guarantee admission into the other program.

Program of Study – 87 Credits

Social Work Courses (51 credits)
Ssw 600 Social Welfare Policy and Services (3)
Ssw 610 Human Behavior and Social Environment I (3)
Ssw 611 Human Behavior and Social Environment II (3)
Ssw 620 Micro Practice in Social Work I (3)
Ssw 621 Micro Practice in Social Work II (3)
Ssw 630 Macro Practice in Social Work I (3)
Ssw 631 Macro Practice in Social Work II (3)
Ssw 650 Field Instruction I (3)
Ssw 651 Field Instruction II (4)
Ssw 660 Introductory Research Methodology (3)
Ssw 752 Field Instruction III (4)
Ssw 753 Field Instruction IV (4)
Ssw 790 Human Service Organizations or Ssw 792 Community Building (3)
Ssw 791 Managing Systems in Human Service Organizations (3)
Ssw 7xx Advanced MACRO course (3)
Ssw 7xx Advanced Policy course (3)

Public Affairs and Policy (36 credits)
Pub 502 Philosophical and Ethical Issues in Public Policy or Pub 529 Law and Policy (4)
Pub 503 Principles of Public Economics (4)
Pub 504 Data, Models and Decisions I (4)
Pub 505 Data, Models and Decisions II (4)
Pub 506 Implementation and Impact (4)
Pub 507 Professional Applications I (2)
Pub 508 Current Research Topics in Public Policy Analysis (2)
Pub 514 Economic Analysis for Public Affairs II (4)
Pub 522 Politics and Policy (4)
Pub 698 Master’s Essay in Public Affairs and Policy (4)