Humanistic Studies Graduate Program Curriculum

New admissions to the D.A. in Humanistic Studies were suspended in 2004.

Program Leading to the Doctor of Arts in Humanistic Studies

The Doctor of Arts degree in Humanistic Studies is an interdisciplinary doctoral program appropriate for those planning teaching careers or careers in a number of other professional areas. The Program is designed to enable students to relate their specific interests in two fields of advanced study within a general humanistic framework.

The requirements for the D.A. in Humanistic Studies can be completed in three years of full-time work beyond the baccalaureate degree (or the equivalent in part-time study over a longer period). General University regulations with regard to residency and statutes of limitations apply.

Requirements for Admission

Applicants must meet general University requirements for admission to doctoral study. In addition, applicants must present preparation that qualifies them to pursue graduate work in their two chosen fields. This may be in the form of appropriate undergraduate or graduate work. Official Graduate Record Examination scores must also be submitted by applicants with no previous graduate work.

Program of Study (63 credits minimum)

Each student will select, in consultation with the Program Director, an advisory panel, with whom individual programs will be planned as follows:

  1. At least 32 credits in the primary field which must be in the Humanities, and 16 credits in the second field. Students may work in any two eligible fields in which graduate programs of sufficient scope exist at this campus. The choice of fields must be approved by the D.A. Committee. A maximum of 12 credits for Independent Study work shall be counted. Students in the program must complete at least one third of the minimum credits in each field on the Albany campus.
  2. Eight credits in the Humanities Colloquia: Hum 611 and Hum 612;
  3. Four credits in Methods of Criticism: Hum 613;
  4. A three-credit internship seminar.

Competence in a Foreign Language

Prior to admission to candidacy, students must demonstrate competence in a language other than English, relevant to their research interests, by examination. In addition, students are encouraged to acquire proficiency in a second foreign language or to achieve computer literacy.

Qualifying Examination

Upon completion of formal coursework other than the internship seminar, students must pass written and oral examinations based upon reading lists established by them in consultation with their advisory panels. These examinations must be taken within a year after the completion of coursework.


All students must complete a one-semester internship in a position related to their career plans. The internship will ordinarily be served after completion of courses.

Full Time Study in Residence

Students are not required to fulfill this requirement.

Admission to Candidacy

Students will be admitted to candidacy upon the following:

  1. Satisfactory completion of all courses, seminars, colloquia, and internship;
  2. Satisfactory completion of the foreign language requirement;
  3. Completion of University residence requirements;
  4. Satisfactory completion of the doctoral qualifying examination.


All students must submit an acceptable dissertation or major project which gives evidence of their ability to integrate and apply, at a high level of competency, the materials and methods of the two fields constituting their program.