Master of Science in School Counseling

Admissions to program have been suspended effective September 2010.

The 54-credit Master's of Science program in School Counseling is designed to prepare counselors to assume the full range of professional responsibilities (i.e., counseling as well as guidance) in elementary, middle, and secondary school settings.  This master's degree is typically earned en route to the CAS in School Counseling that provides provisional/permanent certification in School Counseling.

Program of Study (54 credits)

Behavioral/Social Sciences (12 credits minimum)

ECpy 604 Career Development (3)
ECpy 614 Psychology of Chemical Dependency: Theory and Practice (3)
ECpy 630 Behavioral Disorders (3)
ECpy 667 Research Principles and Methods in Counseling (3)

Specialized and Related Courses in Counseling (18 credits)

ECpy 521 Introduction to Mental Health Counseling (3)
ECpy 601 Introduction to Counseling Theory and Practice (3)
ECpy 603 Assessment Techniques in Counseling and Rehabilitation (3)
ECpy 608 Foundation and Techniques of Group Counseling (3)
ECpy 612 Intermediate Counseling Theory and Practice - Prepracticum (3)
ECpy 627 Multicultural Perspectives: Counseling Theory and Practice (3)

Supervised Fieldwork in Counseling (18 credits)

ECpy 602 Practicum in Counseling (2 days/week in a school) (3)
ECpy 606 Internship in Counseling (5 days/week in a school) (12)
ECpy 626 Fieldwork in Educational Institutions: Orientation to Schools (3)

Elective Courses (6 credits)

Two electives in the behavior and social sciences to be negotiated with faculty.  Possibilities include:

ESpe 560 Introduction to Human Exceptionality (3)
ESpy 798 Seminar in Selected Topics in School Psychology: Cognitive and Behavior Therapy with Children (3)