Urban Education Graduate Certificate Program

Admissions to the program have been suspended.

The Certificate in Urban Education will enable students to utilize knowledge and skills from Education, Urban Studies, and the Social Sciences to become effective educators in central city schools. Graduates from the Certificate in Urban Education Program will have an understanding of the characteristics and cultural backgrounds of the students who attend urban schools. Students should be better able to foster meaningful connections between the educational goals of the schools and the personal and cultural experiences of young people from the central cities. This program will complement the graduate programs offered in the School of Education by providing additional professional knowledge and experiences that will enable graduates to function more effectively in central city schools.

Program Leading to Graduate Certificate in Urban Education

A minimum of 18 Graduate Credits.

1. Urban Education (9 Credits)
Students are required to take Edu 527 (Issues in Urban Education) - 3 credits
and either Edu 500 (Fieldwork in Urban Education - Urban School Community) 3 Credits or Edu 501 (Fieldwork in Urban Education - Urban Children and Youth) 3 credits. Students must elect one of the following electives:

LCS  550 
EAPS 604 
EAPS 605
EAPS 608
EAPS 687
EPHL 601
SOC  682
ETAP 632
ERDG 632
ETAP 682
Minorities in US Schools
Macro-Sociology of Education and Administration
Micro-Sociology of Education and Administration
Politics of Education
Administration of Urban Schools
Philosophy of Education
Ethnicity and Education
Sociolinguistic Perspectives on Literacy
Sociolinguistic Perspectives on Literacy
Seminar in Teaching the Disadvantaged Learner

An independent study, readings course or a fieldwork course in a professional or academic area of interest in Education may be substituted with permission of the program director.

2. Urban Life in the United States (9 Credits)
Students must elect one course from Group A and two courses from Group B.

Group A

AAS 510 
AAS 532
ANT 664
PLN 506
GOG 580
PLN 671
AAS 671
LCS 671
SOC 550
SOC 627
WSS 560
CRJ 650
PAD 684
POS 624
SSW 610
SSW 670
SSW 708
Seminar in Urban Affairs and Human Development
Urban Life Styles
Seminar in Urban Anthropology
Space, Society, and the Postmodern City
Space, Society, and the Postmodern City
Urban Poverty and Labor in the Americas
Urban Poverty and Labor in the Americas
Urban Poverty and Labor in the Americas
American Community
Juvenile Delinquency and Youth Crimes
Seminar in Urban Policy
Problems of Metropolitan Areas
Human Behavior and Social Environments
Community Mental Health
Community Organizations
Group B
AAS 595
AAS 630
AAS 645
AAS 664
LCS 502
LCS 503
LCS 550
AAS 500
SOC 575
AAS 596
ANT 524
SOC 701
LCS 514
SPN 514
LCS 517
SPN 517
SPN 518
SPN 523
WWS 540
The Slavery Experience in America
Biography and the African American Experience
Seminar: African American Community
Seminar: Black Goals and American Public Policy
Latin American and Caribbean Cultures and Societies I
Latin American and Caribbean Cultures and Societies II
Minorities in US Schools
Minorities in US Schools
Ethnicity and Race
Survey of African American Literature
Language and Culture
Gender, Race, and Class in English Studies
Literature of the Hispanic Caribbean
Literature of the Hispanic Caribbean
Cultural Foundations of Latin American Literature
Spanish American Theater
Spanish American Short Story
Spanish American Colonial Prose
Black Women in US History