Policy of Advanced Standing and Resident Study for a Second Master's Degree

Applicants for admission to a master's degree program who have already completed one master's degree program may apply for admission with advanced standing. The award of advanced standing to a successful applicant for a second master's degree program is governed by the following conditions:

  1. Up to 30 percent of the credits required for a second master's degree may be allowed for advanced standing by the application of appropriate courses from the first completed master's degree program. All remaining course requirements must be completed satisfactorily in resident graduate study at the University at Albany.
  2. Courses applied to a second master's degree program from a completed first master's degree program must be approved by the faculty responsible for the second program.
  3. Courses accepted for advanced standing may not be used normally to satisfy a second master's degree program's requirements of such key courses as research seminars, theses, field courses, clinical courses, student teaching internships, and practicums.
  4. Courses allowed for advance standing status must be graduate courses completed with a B, or better, or S grade at accredited institutions authorized to grant graduate degrees.
  5. A graduate student may not apply both conventional transfer credit and advanced standing credit to the second master's degree program: the former or the latter, but not both, can be applied to a single program.
  6. Exceptions to criteria governing advanced standing may be approved by the Graduate Academic Council.
  7. The amount of advanced standing awarded will be placed on the student's second program transcript.