Graduate Regulations and Degree Requirements

Registration Policies and Procedures

Although the University encourages the widest amount of student responsibility, with a minimum of administrative regulation, it expects students to maintain appropriate standards in their academic and personal life. The University reserves the right to terminate the registration of any student who does not meet the standards acceptable to the University.

The regulations governing graduate study at the University have been established by vote of the General Faculty, the University Senate, the Graduate Academic Council, or their forerunners. They are designed to support the academic standards of the University and the quality and validity of the degrees it confers and to insure fair and equitable treatment of all students engaged in graduate study.

The general regulations apply to all graduate students in the schools and colleges of the University, and the regulations governing master's and doctoral degrees apply equally to all graduate students engaged in programs which lead to these degrees in each of the schools and colleges of the University.

In addition to the University regulations, the schools, colleges, and departments have established various regulations and procedures governing their respective operations.