Graduate Bulletin

Division of Special Education Faculty

Deborah May, Ed.D., Columbia University
School Readiness Issues, the Use of Technology with Students with Severe Disabilities, Current Issues Related to the Education of Students with Special Needs, and the Preparation of Special Education Teachers

Associate Professors
Lynn Gelzheiser, Ed.D., Columbia University
School Reform, Inclusionary Practices and Effective Instruction for Learning
Disabled Students
Kevin Quinn, Ph.D., Northern Illinois University
Academic and Community-Based Programming for At-Risk Youth with Emotional or Behavioral Disorders
Assistant Professors
Bruce Saddler, Ph.D., University of Maryland
Instructional strategies for Poor Writers, Inclusion
Coordinator of Training Programs
Jane Domaracki, Ph.D., University at Albany
Students with Reading Difficulties, Supervision, Teacher Education
Staff Associate in Special Education
Mimi Staulters
Supervision, Students with Emotional and Behavior Disorders, Social Stories