Graduate Bulletin


Distinguished Professor

James Jaccard, Ph.D., University of Illinois
Prevention of adolescent problem behaviors

Distinguished Service Professor

Shirley J. Jones, D.S.W., Columbia University
Community Development and Organization

Distinguished Teaching Professor

Jan L. Hagen, Ph.D., University at Minnesota
Social welfare policy, income maintenance programs


Katharine Briar-Lawson, Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley
Child and family welfare; community collaboration; effects of globalization

Bonnie E. Carlson, Ph.D., University of Michigan
Domestic violence, child abuse, women & drug abuse

Anne E. Fortune, Ph.D., University of Chicago
Aging, social work practice, field education

Hal Lawson, Ph.D., University of Michigan
School-family + community partnerships; child welfare; interprofessional collaboration

Janet Perloff, Ph.D., University of Chicago
Health policy, primary health care, medicaid, access to care

Theodore J. Stein, D.S.W., University of California at Berkeley
Child welfare, foster care, HIV and children

Ronald W. Toseland, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin
Social interventions with the elderly, group work

Lynn Videka-Sherman, Ph.D., University of Chicago
Health, mental health, services to children and families

Associate Professors

Julie Abramson, Ph.D., Bryn Mawr College
Teamwork & Interprofessional collaboration, clinical social work, decision making and long term care

Barry Loneck, Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University
Alcoholism and substance abuse treatment

Philip McCallion, Ph.D., University of Albany
Developmental disabilities, aging, social work management

William D. Roth, Ph.D., University of California at Berkeley
Policies concerning persons with disabilities

Carolyn Smith, Ph.D., University at Albany, SUNY
Adolescent problems, juvenile delinquency, parent-adolescent relationships, child maltreatment

Assistant Professors

Sandra Austin, Ed.D., University of Massachusetts at Amherest
Work and welfare, community development

Nancy Claiborne, Ph.D., University of Houston
Health and mental health delivery of care for individuals with chronic conditions, organizational collaboration

ZviDaniel Gellis, Ph.D., University of Toronto
Mental health services, geriatic depression, intervention research

Eric Hardiman, Ph.D., University of California, at Berkley
Consumer-driven mental health services, self-help, mental health service delivery, homelessness, mental health policy, direct practice

Lani V. Jones, Ph.D., Boston College
Evidence based practice and evaluation, group interventions with at-risk populations, cultural diversity and urban families

Robert L. Miller Jr., Ph.D., Columbia University
HIV disease in African American and homosexual populations; spirituality and social work practice, collaborative efforts with faith based and community based health service organizations

Blanca Ramos, Ph.D., University of Albany, SUNY
Cross-cultural social work globalization, immigrants,domestic violence, gerontology, US Latinos

Brenda D. Smith, Ph.D., University of Chicago
Child Welfare; policy and service delivery

Starr A. Wood, Ph.D., Smith College
Substance abuse, HIV/AIDS, trauma & posttraumatic stress, racism, social identity.


Mary McCarthy, Ph.D., Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada

Affiliated Faculty

Laura Bronstein, Ph.D., Barry University
Deborah Doolittle, M.A., Johns Hopkins University
Dawn Knight-Thomas, M.S.W., University at Albany, SUNY
Alice King-Ingham, M.S.W., Syracuse University
Linda Mertz, M.S.W., Boston College
Laura Moffitt, M.S.W., University at Buffalo, SUNY
David Pettie, M.S.W., Aldelphi University
Barbara Rio, M.S.W, Hunter College
Victoria Rizzo, Ph.D., University at Albany, SUNY
Crystal Rogers, M.S.W., University at Albany, SUNY
Bonita M. Sanchez, M.S.W., University at Albany, SUNY
Tamara Smith, B.A., University at Albany, SUNY