Graduate Bulletin


Biopsychology Faculty

DUDEK, BRUCE (Professor)
(518) 442-4824,
Behavior genetics; alcohol pharmacology

FRYE, CHERYL (Associate Professor)
(518) 591-8839,
Behavioral endocrinology; behavioral neuroscience; reproductive neuroendocrinolgy

GALLUP, GORDON, JR. (Professor)
(518) 442-4852,
Evolution and human behavior; primate cognition; self-awareness; social cognition

ROSELLINI, ROBERT (Distinguished Teaching Professor)
(518) 442-4832,
Animal learning and behavior; animal models of psychopathology and addiction

SVARE, BRUCE (Professor)
(518) 442-4848,
Hormonal influences on aggressive, maternal, and sexual behavior; anabolic steroid abuse; biobehavioral basis of puberty

WAGNER, CHRISTINE (Associate Professor and Area Director)
(518) 437-4494,
Maternal/fetal interaction in neural development; neural and behavioral development; neuroendocrinology

Clinical Faculty

ANDERSON, DREW (Associate Professor)
(518) 442-4835,
Eating disorders and obesity

DANOFF-BURG, SHARON (Associate Professor)
(518) 442-4911,
Health psychology; adapting to physical illness such as rheumatoid arthritis and cancer; psychology of women and gender; stress and coping.

EARLEYWINE, MITCHELL (Associate Professor)
(518) 442-4836
Causes, correlates, and consequences of drug use; alcohol-induced aggression; effects of marijuana

FORSYTH, JOHN (Associate Professor)
(518) 442-4862,
Experimental of fear and anxiety; psychophysiology and panic provocation; verbal - cognitive processes in emotion regulation; theoretical and philosophical issues in behavior analysis and therapy

GORDIS, ELANA (Assistant Professor)
(518) 442-2582
Effects of maltreatment and family violence on children’s adjustment

HALPERN, LESLIE (Associate Professor and Area Director)
(518) 442-4840,
Child temperament; developmental psychopathology; emotion regulation and coping; Experimental of fear and anxiety; psychophysiology and panic provocation; verbal – cognitive processes in emotion regulation; theoretical and philosophical issues in behavior analysis and therapy pediatric psychology

ISRAEL, ALLEN (Professor)
(518) 442-4837,
Development of child and family

(518) 442-5135,
Clinical neuropsychology; forensic neuropsychology

PRELOW, HAZEL (Assistant Professor)
(518) 442-5805,
Sociaocultural influences on stress and coping in adolescents; minority mental health issues; cross-ethnic and cross-race measurements equivalence

WULFERT, EDELGARD (Professor and Department Chair)
(518) 442-4825,
Deficits in self-regulation; assessment and treatment research

Cognitive Faculty

ALTARRIBA, JEANETTE (Professor and Associate Dean)
(518) 442-5004,
Bilingualism; second language acquisition; psycholinguistics

FELDMAN, LAURIE B. (Professor and Area Director)
(518) 442-4842,
Word recognition; morphology; phonology; reading; cross-language research

NEELY, JAMES (Professor)
(518) 442-5013,
Word recognition processes in reading; semantic priming; implicit vs explicit memory

NEILL, W. TRAMMELL (Professor)
(518) 442-4839,
Perceptual matching and pattern recognition; inhibitory processes in selective attention; word recognition
processes in reading; information-processing functions of consciousness.

Joint Appointment, (518) 442-3770,
Cognitive & linguistic foundations of reading ability; memory & language processes; word identification & coding processes; causes & correlates of dyslexia

Industrial/Organizational Faculty

ROCH, SYLVIA (Assistant Professor)
(518) 442-5962,
Performance appraisal, organizational justice, group decision making; resource dilemmas

SHANOCK, LINDA (Assistant Professor)
(518) 442-2590,
Work motivation; group processes; employee-employer relationships

WILLIAMS, KEVIN (Associate Professor and Area Director)
(518) 442-4849,
Performance evaluation; work motivation and human performance; work-family linkages; emotions and affect at work

Social/Personality Faculty

MURAVEN, MARK (Assistant Professor)
(518) 442-4123,
Self-control; emotions; motivation and goal setting; intimate relationships

RODRIGUEZ, MONICA (Associate Professor)
(518) 442-4794,
Early social and personality development; field studies in populations at risk; self-regulatory processes

SUTHERLAND, MARCIA (Associate Professor)
(518) 442-4248,
Psychology of the Black experience; the psychology of oppression; Black students on white campuses