Graduate Bulletin


Distinguished Service Professor

Edna Acosta-Belén, Ph.D., Columbia University
Hispanic Caribbean Literature and Cultural History; Latino Literature and Cultural History;
Cultural Studies; Women's Studies; Puerto Rico, and Cuba.

Distinguished Professor

Daniel Levy, Ph.D., University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Higher Education Politics and Policy in Latin America; Mexican Politics: Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Costa Rica.


Christine E. Bose, Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University
Women and Development; Political Economy; Social Stratification: Puerto Rico, Costa Rica.

Ray J. Bromley, Ph.D., Cambridge University
Planning; Megacities: Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru.

Robert Carmack, Ph.D., University of California at Los Angeles
Quiché-Mayan Ethnohistory and Ethnography; Native Political Systems: Guatemala, Mexico, and Costa Rica.

June Hahner, Ph.D., Cornell University
Women's History; Brazilian History: Brazil.

Alvin Magid, Ph.D., Michigan State University
Comparative Politics; Caribbean Politics: Trinidad, Guatemala, China.

Colbert I. Nepaulsingh, Ph.D., University of Toronto
English-speaking Caribbean Literature and Culture; Colonial Literature; Iberian Medieval Literature: Spain, the Caribbean.

Carlos E. Santiago, Ph.D., Cornell University
International Development; Labor Economics: Puerto Rico, Central America, U.S. Latinos.

Associate Professors

Jeanette Altarriba, Ph.D., Vanderbilt University
Second Language Acquisition, Social Cognition, Language and Culture: U.S. Latinos.

Louise Burkhart, Ph.D., Yale University
Historical Ethnography; Aztec Civilization: Mexico, Spain.

José E. Cruz, Ph.D., City University of New York, CUNY
Political Theory, Public Policy; Urban Politics; U.S. Latinos policy issues: Puerto Rico.

Liliana Goldin, Ph.D., University at Albany, SUNY
Maya Ethnography; and Productive Systems; Economic and Cultural Change: Guatemala.

Max Lifchitz, Ph.D., Harvard University
Latin American Music: Mexico, Costa Rica.

Silvia Nagy-Zekmi, Ph.D., Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest
Andean literature, contemporary Latin American literature, postcolonial studies.

Azara L. Santiago-Rivera, Ph.D., Wayne State University
Multicultural Counseling; Psychology of Latino Women: U.S. Latinos.

James W. Wessman, Ph.D., University of Connecticut
Jaliscan Ethnography; Agrarian Systems in Mexico and Puerto Rico: Mexico, Puerto Rico.

Assistant Professor

Fernando Leiva, Ph.D., University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Latin American Economic Development, Political Economy and Political Economy of Gender.

Ernesto Livon-Grosman, Ph.D., New York University
20c Travel Writing and Poetry

Blanca Ramos, Ph.D., University at Albany, SUNY
Mental Health, Acculturation, Gerontology, and Domestic Violence

Margarita Rodriguez, Ph.D., University of Miami
Latin American and International Comparative Development and International Migration.

Gilbert A. Valverde, Ph.D., The University of Chicago
Educational Politics, Policy and Policy analysis in Latin America; Comparative Education Policy Studies: Chile, Perú, Central America.

Associate and Bibliographer

Judith K. Place, M.S., University at Albany, SUNY