Graduate Bulletin



Ray Bromley, Ph.D., Cambridge University, A.I.C.P.
Metropolitan and Regional Development Strategies, Micro-enterprise,
Planning History, Latin America

Thomas L. Daniels, Ph.D., Oregon State University
Rural and Small Town Planning, Farmland Preservation,
Growth Management on the Metropolitan Fringe, Local Economic Development

Floyd M. Henderson, Ph.D., University of Kansas
Remote Sensing Applications in Land Use, Urban, and Agriculture

John S. Pipkin, Ph.D., Northwestern University
Economic, Behavioral and Urban Geography, Quantitative Methods, Urban Design

Christopher J. Smith, Ph.D., University of Michigan
Urban and Social Geography, Health and Mental Health, East Asia

Associate Professors

James E. Mower, Ph.D., State University of New York at Buffalo
Cartography, Automated Cartography, Geographic Information Systems

Roger W. Stump, Ph.D., University of Kansas
Cultural Geography, North America

Assistant Professors

Cliff Ellis, Ph.D., University of California at Berkeley, A.I.C.P.
Land Use and Comprehensive Planning, Planning History, Urban Design, Transportation and Growth Management

Andrei Lapenis, Ph.D., State Hydrological Institute, St. Petersburg
Climatology, Climate Change, Quaternary Paleogeography, Soils, Russia

Renée E. Sieber, Ph.D., Rutgers University
Geographic Information Systems, Community Development, Non-Profit Organizations

Adjunct Faculty

John J. Behan, M.R.P., University of Massachusetts, Amherst, A.I.C.P.
Environmental Planning

Philip L. Bell, M.S.P.A., Russell Sage College
Computer Aided Design

Paul M. Bray, J.D., Columbia University
Parks, Preservation and Heritage Planning

Katherine H. Daniels, M.U.R.P., University of Oregon, A.I.C.P.
Environmental Planning, Environmental Impact Assessment,
Growth Management

Austin Fisher, M.A., Hunter College, CUNY
Geographic Information Systems

Robert E. Henshaw, Ph.D., University of Iowa
Environmental Planning, Environmental Impact Analysis

Robert A. Heverly, J.D., Albany Law School
Planning Law

Robert Kraushaar, Ph.D., University of California at Los Angeles
Local and Regional Economic Development

Robert D. Kuhn, Ph.D., University at Albany
Cultural Resources, Historic Preservation

Jeffrey S. Olson, M.A., Empire State College, SUNY
Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation Planning

John P. Poorman, M.S., Northwestern University
Transportation Planning

Patricia E. Salkin, J.D., Albany Law School
Planning Law

Larry Spraker, M.A., Indiana State University
Geographic Information Systems

Sambamurthy Thyagarajan, M.C.P., Ohio State University
Urban and Regional Planning; Urban Design

Professors Emeriti

Stanley Blount, Ph.D., Northwestern University

John Webb, Ph.D., University of Minnesota

Associate Professor Emeriti

W. Wayne Heiser, Ph.D., Northwestern University