Graduate Bulletin



Herman P. Salomon, Doctorate in Letters, Nijmegen
17th-Century French Literature; Religious Issues in France; Luso-Brazilian Studies

Mary Beth Winn, Ph.D., Yale University
French Medieval and Renaissance Studies; Poetry and Music in Their Interrelations; History of the Book

David Wills, Doctorat, Universite de Paris II
20th Century French Literature; Literary Theory and Criticism; Cinema Studies

Associate Professors

Susan Blood, Ph.D., The Johns Hopkins University
19th and 20th Century French Literature

Eloise Briére, Ph.D., University of Toronto
Francophone Literatures and Cultures in Africa, the Caribbean and North America

Jean-François Briére, Ph.D., York University
French History and Culture

Cynthia Fox, Ph.D., Indiana University
French (and Francophone) Linguistics and Sociolinguistics; Language Pedagogy

Georges V. Santoni, Ph.D., University of Colorado
Contemporary French Culture and Society; French Cinema

Professors Emeriti

Arnolds Grava, Ph.D., University of Nebraska
Robert W. Greene, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania
Martin Kanes, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania
Frederick Moore, Ph.D., Yale University
Carl J. Odenkirchen, Ph.D., University of North Carolina
Raymond J. Ortali, Ph.D., University of Michigan
Jack Richtman, Ph.D., Columbia University

Mary Jane Highfield, Ph.D., Cornell University
French Linguistics and Language Pedagogy