Graduate Bulletin


Distinguished Service Professor

Ronald A. Bosco, Ph.D. University of Maryland
Early American Life and Letters, New England Transcendentalism, Pedagogy, Textual Editing


Judith E. Barlow, Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania
American Drama, Women Playwrights, Expository Writing

Jeffrey Berman, Ph.D. Cornell University
19th- and 20th-Century British Literature, the Novel, Psychoanalytic Literary Criticism

Donald J. Byrd, Ph.D. University of Kansas
American Literature, Poetry, Critical Theory

Sarah Blacher Cohen, Ph.D. Northwestern University
Saul Bellow, Contemporary American Novel, Jewish-America Literature, American Drama, Playwriting, Humor in Literature

Thomas Cohen, Ph.D., Yale University
Comparative Literature, Theory and Film Studies

Randall Craig, Ph.D. University of Wisconsin
British Fiction and Narrative Theory

Judith Fetterley, Ph.D. Indiana University
19th-Century American Literature, American Women Writers, Feminist Criticism, Feminist Pedagogy

Warren Ginsberg, Ph.D. Yale University
Medieval Studies

Judith Johnson, B.A. Barnard College
Poetry Writing, Poetic Theory, Fiction Writing, Myth and Popular Culture, Women's Studies, Performance Art

Pierre Joris, Ph.D. State University of New York, Binghamton
Contemporary Poetry and Poetics, Critical Theory, Translation Studies

William Kennedy, B.A. Siena College
Creative Writing

Stephen North, D.A. University at Albany, SUNY
Composition Studies, Literacy

Marjorie Pryse, Ph.D. University of California, Santa Cruz
American Literature and Feminist Theory

Martha T. Rozett, Ph.D. University of Michigan
Renaissance Literature, Shakespeare Studies

David Wills, Doctorate du troisieme, Sorbonne University, Paris
Literary theory, Film and Film theory, 20th Century French Literature, Comparative Literature

Cary Wolfe, Ph.D., Duke University
Critical Theory, particularly Marxism, Pragmatism and Systems Theory;
American Literature and Culture, particularly 20th Century; Literature and Science; Modern Poetry

Associate Professors

Lana Cable, Ph.D. Johns Hopkins University
16th- and 17th-Century British Literature, Augustan Satire, Milton

Diva Daims, Ph.D. Union Institute
Turn-of-the-Century Novels by Women

Deborah Dorfman, Ph.D. Yale University
English Romantics

Teresa Ebert, Ph.D. University of Minnesota
Critical and Cultural Theory, Marxism, Feninism, Theories of Writing, (Cyber) Cultural Studies, Critique-al Pedagogy

Helen Regueiro Elam, Ph.D. Brown University
Literary Theory, 19th- and 20th-Century Poetry

Donald Faulkner, M.Phil. Yale University
Philosophy and Modern Studies

Jennifer Fleischner, Ph.D. Columbia University
19th-Century American Literature

Richard M. Goldman, Ph.D. Indiana University
Renaissance Drama, Modern Drama, Literary Theory

Rosemary Hennessy, Ph.D. Syracuse University
Feminist Theory, Postmodern Critical and Cultural Theory, Lesbian and Gay Studies

Brian Massumi, Ph.D., Yale University
Post-Structuralist Theory, Theories of Perception, Space and Motion, New Media and Cultural Studies

Mark Anthony Neal, Ph.D., University at Buffalo, SUNY
African-American Studies, Women’s Studies, Inter-Cultural Studies, Creative Writing

Carolyn Yalkut, Ph.D. University of Denver
Creative Writing, Journalism, Contemporary American Literature

Assistant Professors

Dina Al-Kassim, Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley
Transnationalism, Modernist Studies

Mike Hill, Ph.D., Stony Brook University, SUNY
Contemporary Race Studies, 18th Century Theories of Public Space,
Marxist and Post-Marxist Aesthetics

Sharon Holland, Ph.D., Stanford University
African-American Literature, Contemporary African-American Culture,
Film and Music, Theories of Race, Gender, and Sexuality

Robert Yagelski, Ph.D. Ohio State University
Rhetoric and Composition

Professors Emeritae/i

Theodore Adams, Ph.D. Ohio State University

Frances Colby Allee, Ph.D. Johns Hopkins University

Stanley Coffman, Ph.D. Ohio State University

Arthur Collins, Ph.D. University of Minnesota

Robert A. Donovan, Ph.D. Washington University

William A. Dumbleton, Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania

Eugene K. Garber Ph.D. University of Iowa

John Gerber, Ph.D. University of Chicago

George S. Hastings, Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania

Edward M. Jennings, Ph.D. University of Wisconsin

Walter Knotts, Ph.D. Harvard University

Charles Koban, Ph.D. University of Illinois

Edward Lecomte, Ph.D. Columbia University

Thomson Littlefield, Ph.D. Columbia University

Eugene Mirabelli, Ph.D. Harvard University

Rudolph L. Nelson, Ph.D. Brown University

Daniel W. Odell, Ph.D. Cornell University

David C. Redding, Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania

Louise Roberts, Ph.D. University of Chicago

Barbara R. Rotundo, Ph.D. Syracuse University

William Rowley, Ph.D. Harvard University

Joan E. Schulz, Ph.D. University of Illinois

Frederick E. Silva, Ph.D. Indiana University

Harry C. Staley, Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania

Donald B. Stauffer, Ph.D. Indiana University

Robert Thorstensen, M.A. University of Chicago