Graduate Bulletin

Division of Educational Psychology and Methodology Faculty

Deborah May, Ed.D., Columbia University
School Readiness Issues, the Use of Technology with Students with Severe Disabilities, and Current Issues Related to the Education of Students with Special Needs and the Preparation of Special Education Teachers
Robert McMorris, Ph.D., Syracuse University
Answer Changing in Multiple-Choice Tests, Underachievement, Teacher Testing, Standard Setting, and Humor in Testing
Robert Pruzek, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin
Psychometrics and multivariate analysis, especially structural analysis and prediction. Current work focuses on methods that 'borrow strength' or use statistical smoothing to enhance predictions; also, propensity score analysis, to support causal inferences in analyses of observational data.
Frank Vellutino, Ph.D., Catholic University
Memory and language processes, causes and correlates of early reading difficulties, the cognitive and linguistic foundations of reading ability, and effective interventions to facilitate the acquisition of functional reading skills.
Associate Professors
Lynn Gelzheiser, Ed.D., Columbia University
School Reform, Inclusionary Practices and Effective Instruction for Learning
Disabled Students
Deborah Kundert, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin
Learning and Psychoeducational Assessment
Dianna Newman, Ph.D., University of Nebraska at Lincoln
Improvement of Evaluation Utilization in Educational Settings, Including the Relationship of Interpersonal Influence Factors
Joan Newman, Ph.D., University at Albany, SUNY
Effects of environmental toxins on children's development; Children's use of after-school time and pressures placed upon them.
Kevin Quinn, Ph.D., Northern Illinois University
Academic and Community-Based Programming for At-Risk Youth with Emotional or Behavioral Disorders
Assistant Professors
Heidi Andrade, Ed.D., Harvard University
The relationship between learning, high level thinking, and student assessment.
David Yun Dai, Ph.D., Purdue University
Intelligence and intellectual functioning, achievement motivation, instructional/learning theory.
Bruce Saddler, Ph.D., University of Maryland
Instructional strategies for students with writing difficulties.
Zheng Yan, Ed.D., Harvard University
Cognitive development and learning, psychology of the Internet, and longitudinal research methodology.
Michael Green, Ph.D., Syracuse University
Applications of Microcomputers to Education and Educational Research and Use of Microcomputers in Developing Countries
Research Professor
Ronald Ley, Ph.D., Syracuse University
Psychophysiology, conditioning breathing, and the relationship between respiration, physiology and cognition.