Graduate Bulletin

Faculty of the Division of Counseling Psychology

The Division currently has 8 full-time faculty and one affiliated faculty member who is the Dean of the School of Education. Four faculty members are Fellows of the American Psychological Association. Faculty are actively involved in research activities and in national and local psychological organizations. Many are also engaged in clinical work in the field.


Monroe Bruch, Ph.D., University of Missouri
Cognitive-Behavioral Approaches to Social Anxiety and the Role of Personality in Social Interaction

Michael Ellis, Ph.D., Ohio State University
Counselor Training and Supervision, Supervisor Training, Clinical Judgement, Career Development, and Research Methodology and Statistical Issues

Myrna Friedlander, Ph.D., Ohio State University
Process of Family Therapy, Family Dynamics and Verbal Communication Patterns; Supervision

Richard Haase, Ph.D., Colorado State University
Research Design, Research Methodology, Statistics and Data Analytic Methods

Dean Susan Phillips, Ph.D., Columbia University
Decision Making and Career Development

Associate Professor

Sheldon Grand, Ph.D., University of Buffalo
Rehabilitation Psychology and Health Psychology

Assistant Professors

LaRae Jome, Ph.D., University of Akron
Multicultural issues, gender issues, career development

Matthew Martens, Ph.D., University of Missouri-Columbia
Sport psychology, substance abuse, vocational psychology, and psychotherapy process and outcome