Graduate Bulletin


While the Department of East Asian Studies does not offer graduate degree programs, graduate students with strong backgrounds in Japanese or Chinese may be interested in continuing study in these areas.

Courses Offered by the Department of East Asian Studies

Eac 597 Independent Study in Chinese (1-6)

Projects in selected areas of Chinese studies, with regular progress reports; or supervised readings of texts in Chinese. May be repeated once for credit when topics differ. Proficiency in Chinese through the intermediate level is essential. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

Eaj 597 Independent Study in Japanese (1-6)

This course will be the Japanese parallel for Eac 597 and serve the same function: to provide advanced students, in this case graduate students, with continued advanced instruction in the language. Prerequisite: Eaj 300B or consent of instructor.

Eaj 523 Practicum in Teaching Japanese (2)