Graduate Bulletin

Courses in Information Technology Management

Itm 510 Advanced Excel with Visual Basic for Applications (1)

This course includes Advance Excel including the use of Macros, Functions, Goal Seek, Sover, VBA, regression analysis, charts, pivot tables, etc. Problems will focus on business decision support, scenario analysis and statistical techniques. The student will learn how to better use spreadsheet Software and VB for applications for problem solving in a business environment.

Itm 511 Operations Management (2)

The process of obtaining and utilizing resources to produce and deliver useful goods and services so as to meet the goals of the organization. Applications of linear programming to production and transportation are included. Prerequisite: Itm 512 or equivalent.

Itm 513 Quantitative Analysis for Business (3)

This course is designed to train students to make business decisions using quantitative techniques. Analytic skills such as problem solving and critical thinking will be taught through the use of probability and logical reasoning. Concepts including simulation and regression will be covered with the aid of software packages. Students will work on projects involving quality control and forecasting. Business skills such as risk management and inventory planning will be emphasized.

Itm 514 Operations Management (3)

Gaining competitive advantage through quality services and products continues to be a major challenge for many service and manufacturing organizations. In this course, we present a comprehensive view of how a judicious combination of operations strategy, concepts, processes, and techniques enable both service and manufacturing organizations to compete effectively in the global marketplace. The course is organized around the theme of how to effectively manage the process of producing and delivering quality services and products to the customer. The course will emphasize the use of cases and require presentations to enhance both unstructured problem solving and communication skills.

Itm 520 Database Management (1)

This is an introductory course in database modeling, design and implementation for business applications. The role of database systems in the management of information and the procedures for modeling the data resource to support managerial/executive needs are presented. It includes principles of database theory, query languages, and forms of data organization. Students gain hands-on experience through developing one or more database applications using one of the standard database packages.

Itm 522 Managing INformation Technology (3)

This required course for all MBA students is, simply stated, about managing IT to realize the full potential of investments in these technologies. The advent of the Personal Computer in the early eighties ushered the Information Age. In today's Internet Age, it is imperative for managers to get a good grasp of the role of IT as a key enabler to achieve business objectives. The course will examine strategic as well as operational issues of IT management. The goal of this course is to cover major topics rather than be encyclopedic, so that a foundation is laid for learning as the field unfolds in the future.

Itm 572 Introduction to Java (1)

This course provides an introduction to programming using JAVA language. The course teaches the basic constructs of the language and covers some aspects of object oriented programming. The course will start with a discussion of data types and flow control and then delve into issues like abstraction and inheritance. This is a programming class so a lot of effort is required outside of the class in programming assignments. The first half of the class is conducted in the MIS lab for hands-on experience.

Itm 601 Business Systems Analysis and Design (3)

This course introduces students to the analysis and design of information systems. Topics include the identification and modeling of business requirements and processes, development of information systems that meet those requirements, and techniques associated with the successful completion of systems projects. Open only to department concentrators or with consent of instructor. Co-Requisite: Itm 603

Itm 602 Enterprise - Wide Application Development and Management (3)

This course covers business paradigms, architecture, technologies and infrastructure required for development of enterprise-wide systems. In the course the students develop a business plan for an innovative online business and then implement their business ideas. Each team is required to develop a prototype to implement their business application. Students learn to develop a three-tier architecture (client, server, database) using Java Enterprise Technology (Java Servlets, Java Server Pages, JDBC & XML). The course also covers emerging architectures, such as, Web Services and peer-to-peer systems. The class will require some programming thus prior knowledge of Java Programming is required. The course culminates with a presentation to the Albany Chamber of Commerce where the students present their business plan as well as the prototype for their plan. Co-Requisite: Itm 604

Itm 603 Management of IT Projects (3)

This is a required course in the Management Information Systems concentration of the MBA program. It will cover the financial, organizational and technical issues of managing IT projects. It will focus on methodologies and tools to address unstructured IT challenges. Major topics will include Project Management Life Cycle and related issues; financial management of IT resources and projects including outsourcing and ROI; and, analytics to derive business intelligence including data warehousing, expert systems and data mining tools. Co-Requisite: Itm 601

Itm 604 Data Communications, Computer Networking and Computer Security (3)

This course covers Data Communications, Computer Networking and Computer Security. The first part of the course focuses on communications where we discuss fundamentals of signal transmission, transmission hardware and basic communication concepts such as error control and multiplexing. The second part of the class covers Network Topologies, the OSI model, and the TCP/IP protocol suite. In the third part of the class, vulnerabilities of computer networks and techniques for protecting networks and data are discussed. Basic elements of symmetric and asymmetric cryptography are discussed. Secure Electronic Commerce, involving secure transmissions, authentication, digital signatures, digital certificates and Public Key Infrastructure is also studied in this part. In addition, issues in privacy, ethics and policies are discussed where students study technologies like Web Bugs and Carnivore and debate on issues related to privacy and corporate policies on use of electronic media. Co-Requisite: Itm 602

Itm 605 Concepts in Operations Management (3)

A broadly-focused course covering the major areas of operations and production management from a management perspective. Topics include planning and control, the management of material and information flows, facilities planning and layout, technological innovation and R & D management. Prerequisites: Itm 511 and permission of instructor.

Itm 606 Advanced Concepts in Operations Management (3)

A seminar course that deals in-depth with contemporary issues in operations management. Representative topics include automation and robotics, the use of expert systems in the manufacturing environment, and problems involved in off-shore manufacturing, international distribution, and competition with low labor-cost countries. Prerequisites: Itm 511 and permission of instructor.

Itm 611 Analysis and Design of Information-Decision Systems (3)

Techniques are presented for analyzing the information needs and existing flows in an organization. The process of systems analysis and design is discussed with special emphasis on the interdependency between decision models and their supporting information systems. Prerequisite: Itm 521.

Itm 612 Topics in Information Systems (3)

Covers topics such as management of information resources, expert systems, information flows to support production operations, advanced material in structured analysis and design, computer networking, and the impact of information quality on organizational effectiveness. Prerequisite: Itm 521.

Itm 680 Project Management (3)

This course will cover project management topics and concepts while focusing on technology based projects, especially from a consulting perspective. Topics will include: Philosophy & Concepts; Project/Systems Life Cycle; PERT, CPM, Resource Allocation; Organizational Considerations; Contracting; Microsoft Project; Project Completion, Turnover and Follow-up. Prerequisite: Student must be in the last year of the MBA program.

Itm 691 Field Study in Management Information Systems (3)

Field projects are conducted by students under faculty supervision in a variety of business and not-for-profit organizations. The projects provide students with an opportunity to apply and further develop their skills in management information systems. Must be repeated for 3 credits. Prerequisites: Itm 521 and permission of the department chairperson.

Itm 692 Special Topics in Information Technology (3)

This course provides intensive study of issues, skills and techniques required for successful management of information technology. Topics to be covered include advanced programming languages, emerging technologies, unstructured decision making techniques, and current industry trends. Classroom and project work is complemented by workshops and seminars covering the practical use of technology from an industry perspective to reinforce student learning. Enrollment limited to ITM concentrators or with permission of the instructor. Co-Requisites: Itm 601, 603.

Itm 695 Independent Study in Information Systems (1-3)

The student and instructor jointly develop a plan of independent study on an advanced topic in information systems or operations management. The student is usually required to prepare a report or paper. May be repeated for a total of 3 credits. Prerequisites: Itm 521 and permission of instructor and department chairperson.

Itm 698 Research Project in MIS (3)

Supervised research on a topic involving accounting, finance, operations management, human resources management, and/or management information systems. Required of all part-time MBA program students. Prerequisite: Completion of at least 30 graduate credits. S/U graded.

Itm 698Q Research Project in MIS (4)

Supervised research on a topic involving accounting, finance, operations management, human resources management, and/or management information systems. Required of all part-time MBA program students. Prerequisite: Completion of at least 30 graduate credits. S/U graded.