School Codes

If your program requires test scores, please request official scores be sent to the University. To ensure delivery, please use the following school codes:

GRE and TOEFL code: 2532 (we do not use department codes for these exams)

GMAT codes:

K6R-ZS-79 MS Taxation- Full Time
K6R-ZS-11 MS Taxation- Part Time
K6R-ZS-54 MS Accounting
K6R-ZS-50 MS Professional Accountancy-Full Time
K6R-ZS-27 MS Professional Accountancy-Part Time
K6R-ZS-47 MS Accounting Information Systems
K6R-ZS-22 MBA-Full Time
K6R-ZS-22 MBA-Part Time

IT CAN TAKE 1-3 WEEKS FOR SCORES TO BE RECEIVED AND PROCESSED BY THE UNIVERSITY. Be sure to request them in sufficient time prior to the application deadline.