Appendix E: Guideline for Revising Existing Graduate Programs

The State Education Department requires re-registration of a program in which significant changes are made:

New registration shall be required for any existing curriculum in which major changes are made that affect its title, focus, design, requirements for completion, or mode of delivery. §52.1(h). Regulations of the Commissioner of Education  

A major change for a graduate program may involve 9 or more required (non-elective) credits, or a change in focus (e.g., biological sciences to health professions, addition or deletion of a track/concentration), location, or format (e.g., day to evening). Any change to a program leading to New York State teacher certification or licensure is considered major.

For each existing program for which a change is proposed, the following minimal information should be provided under the signature of the campus president or chief academic officer and addressed to the Provost of the University:

1) The name of the program (by registered title), the award, and the program code number from the SED Inventory of Registered Programs. If the program leads to teacher certification, indicate the current certificate area and level. If the program leads to New York State licensure, please state.

2) Description of the proposed change and rationale for the change. The most compelling rationale is grounded academically, often arising from the results of ongoing assessment, changes in quality standards, or comparative market information.

If the program leads to certification in classroom teaching, describe how the proposed change is consistent with the standards for certification in §52.21(b) of the Commissioner’s Regulations. State how the proposed change is consistent with the University’s policy initiative New Vision in Teacher Education , available at:, and with the standards of your chosen national accrediting body.

3) Curriculum outline of the current program and of the proposed revised curriculum, with changes in program (e.g., courses added, deleted) clearly noted. In many cases, draft or actual catalog copy proves a helpful means of providing this information.

4) Course outlines for new courses, if any. Indicate prerequisites, the frequency with which the course is offered, and the name, faculty rank, and status of the instructor(s). If none, please so state.

5) For new faculty teaching new courses, provide brief résumé(s). If no new faculty are required, please state.

6) Description of any additional costs. If none, please explain.

7) Effective date of the change in the program. If the current program needs to remain registered until students have graduated (or have been otherwise accommodated), please indicate the anticipated effective date by which matriculants will have cleared the old version of the program.

This outline can be used for title changes as well as curricular content changes. It will satisfy the requirements of the State Education Department for programs registered for general purposes as well as those leading to teacher certification or professional licensure.