Graduate Life

At the University at Albany, the varied perspectives and life experiences of our student body and faculty representing more than 100 nations, provides a diversity that enriches learning. Students establish lasting connections among fellow students, teachers and those they meet through internships, campus organizations and community service.

Students at UAlbany also have the opportunity to explore a wide variety of artistic and cultural offerings beyond their studies, both on campus and in a region featuring numerous venues for the fine arts, theater and music.

UAlbany’s strategic location in the state capital of New York allows students a rare opportunity to engage with the world around them. Through limitless opportunities for internships and public service, students gain experience, hone skills, and prepare for successful careers. The University’s Office of Career and Professional Development hosts numerous career workshops and maintains an online employment site to aid students in job searches both before and after graduation.

Health and Safety

UAlbany’s University Police Department and Office of Personal Safety & Off-Campus Affairs are dedicated to ensuring student safety both on- and off-campus. A variety of physical and mental health services are provided by the Student Health Services, Counseling and Psychological Services and The Advocacy Center for Sexual Violence.


For information on housing, please refer to the Department of Residential Life. In addition to on campus housing, the Department of Residential Life also maintains a Housing Registry that can help with your search for off-campus housing. The Office of Parking and Mass Transit Services supports students who use their own cars or take city bus lines.

Supporting Diversity

The offices of International Education and Diversity and Inclusion, along with UAlbany’s Interfaith Center, create an open environment to students of all backgrounds. The University provides a welcoming, safe and supportive atmosphere to the LGBTQIAP student community.

Getting Involved with Groups and Organizations

UAlbany offers more than 200 clubs and student organizations providing extracurricular opportunities in athletics, arts, politics, campus and community service, and much more.

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