Graduate Certificate Programs

Graduate certificate programs as described in the SUNY Guidelines, may be proposed for any post-baccalaureate curriculum that does not lead to a degree (i.e., a master’s or doctorate). The Graduate Certificate shows great variation in the number of credits required, but its salient feature is that all courses involved must be applicable to a registered graduate degree program. Students may be enrolled directly into the Graduate Certificate program or may be drawn from those enrolled in master’s or doctoral degree programs. Because the courses are part of registered graduate degree programs and the faculty is affiliated with such programs, graduate certificate proposals typically follow an abbreviated review process. In general, graduate certificate proposals are not required to go through the Letter of Intent or external review stages that graduate degree program proposals are subject to. Step-by-step procedures – Approvals implied at all steps.

  1. A Proposal to establish a Graduate Certificate Program prepared according to SUNY Guidelines using Form 2C at SUNY Forms for Academic Program Planning, along with the University at Albany Campus Impact Form (CIF), are directed from the originating department or committee to the school or college dean.
  2. The school or college dean may seek consideration of the Proposal by a school/college governance body.
  3. The school/college dean endorses the Proposal and transmits it to the Provost.
  4. The Provost forwards the Proposal and CIF to the Graduate Dean for consideration and transmittal to governance. The Graduate Dean’s Office will forward the Proposal and CIF to (1) the University Planning & Policy Council (UPPC) for consideration in regard to (a) harmony with campus mission and (b) resource implications. The Graduate Dean’s Office will also forward the Proposal to the Graduate Academic Council (GAC) for consideration of its academic plan.
  5. Upon approval by UPPC and GAC, the Proposal shall be prepared by the Graduate Dean’s Office as a bill for joint introduction to the Senate by its two councils.
  6. Upon Senate approval, the bill will be forwarded to the Provost and President for final campus consideration.
  7. Upon Presidential approval the Graduate Dean’s Office shall prepare correspondence to the SUNY System Provost for transmittal of the Proposal by the President or UAlbany Provost.
  8. The SUNY Provost will forward the Proposal to the NYS Education Department (SED) for consideration, final approval and registration.
  9. SED will notify the SUNY Provost upon final approval and registration. The SUNY Provost will, in turn, notify the campus President. The President’s Office will forward the approval notice to the campus Provost who will, in turn, direct it to the Graduate Dean for implementation purposes. The Graduate Dean’s Office will notify the school/college dean, the initiating department, and all appropriate administrative units for program activation purposes.