Dissertation Research Fellowship Awards Program


The Vice Provost and Dean for The Graduate School announces the dissertation research fellowship awards program to support doctoral dissertation research. Applicants for the dissertation fellowship award must be doctoral students in good academic standing who have completed required program course work & exams and have been formally admitted/advanced to doctoral candidacy.

Dissertation research fellowship awards are one-time funds that generally do not exceed $1000 per student. These awards are made to support students engaged in research related to dissertation projects. The award will be to the student in recognition of the costs of dissertation research, including:

  • travel to conduct research at libraries, archives, laboratories and other research facilities and resources
  • costs of information access (but not basic computing hardware/software)
  • remuneration of human subjects
  • purchase of supplies or equipment rental (need to purchase chemicals must have the written consent of the student's project supervisor)
  • other research related expenses, but excluding costs of producing a manuscript or travel to scholarly meetings to present research.

All dissertation fellowship award recipients must submit a one-page final report to the Office of the Dean for the Graduate School at the conclusion of the award period. This report should describe the research that was actually facilitated by the availability of the funding and provide an update on the status of the research project.

Questions concerning the application or application process should be directed to the Graduate School, UAB121, email: graduate@albany.edu.


The Dissertation Research Fellowship Awards Program is a major University initiative similar in some ways to existing support programs entitled:

  • University at Albany Benevolent Association Research Grants
  • Graduate Student Organization Research/Travel Grants

(Eligible applicants may seek funding from all of these programs, but may not accept duplicate funding for the same expenses from multiple sources during the same academic year.)


Applications will be accepted for consideration on a rolling basis (no deadline) with funding decisions announced monthly. Applications may be submitted in hard copy to the Graduate School, UAB 121, or by email with attachments to: graduate@albany.edu.


All application packets should be submitted in the order noted, and should include the following:

Application cover sheet (includes next two items)

  1. An itemized budget with justification. Describe how the potential award will facilitate the research project and why any supplies and materials expenses cannot be supplied by other sources within the University. If the budget exceeds the usual $1000 maximum for a Dissertation Research Fellowship Award, please indicate other sources of support.
  2. Project description. The description should be written so that readers outside the discipline can comprehend the proposed research project. It should clearly indicate the relationship of the research project to completion of the degree.

Advisor's support statement. A letter of support from the research advisor, indicating the status of the project and prospective impact should be attached. If the student's advisor is currently supported by external sources of funds (i.e., state, federal or private grants or contracts), the advisor must indicate to what extent the student is being supported by these funds and explain why these funds are not available for the research support being requested in the proposal.

Curriculum vita. A one page listing of the applicant's degrees, honors, publications (if any), papers presented at professional meetings, etc.

Human or animal subject research protocol approval. A human subject or animal welfare approval form for research that collects information on or about living human beings or animals, must be completed by the applicant and submitted to the Office of Regulatory Research Compliance, LCSB 28, prior to submitting the Fellowship Award application. The UAlbany Institutional Review Board (IRB) reviews and approves requests involving human subjects and the UAlbany Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) reviews and approves requests involving animal welfare.

If you have questions or wish to obtain an approval form, please contact the Office of Regulatory Research Compliance at 442-9050 or visit the web site at www.albany.edu/orrc Note that final approval must be obtained prior to the start of the research project and before funds are released.


The Graduate School will evaluate fellowship award applications on a monthly basis. Applicants will be notified regarding funding in the month following application. The evaluation of applications may involve staff and faculty from disciplines across the campus or may be conducted by administrative staff on behalf of the Graduate School Dean. Evaluative criteria shall include, but not be limited to:

  • Quality and feasibility of the proposed research project and design;
  • Clarity of the proposal to reviewers from other disciplines;
  • Clarity, rationality and appropriateness of the budget; and,
  • Evidence of matching funds from other sources.

Applications received at a point in the award year when program funds have been exhausted will be considered in the following year.