Criminal Justice

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M.A. in Criminal Justice

The Master’s in Criminal Justice program serves students who want to work or are currently working in the criminal justice system, as well as those who may want to go on to a Ph.D. program. The degree provides research and statistical skills that allow students to appreciate, design and evaluate effective policy and practice. Students learn about the structure of the criminal justice system and the nature of successful crime prevention programs. The School of Criminal Justice and the Albany Law School have established a collaborative arrangement for graduate students seeking to obtain a Master of Arts (M.A.) in Criminal Justice and the Juris Doctor (J.D.) in Law, via execution of a formal Articulation Agreement. More information on the collaborative arrangement can be found here.

Ph.D. in Criminal Justice

The Ph.D. program in Criminal Justice prepares students for careers in research and teaching in the interdisciplinary field of criminal justice. Although each student’s experience in the program is unique, designed around his or her interests and professional objectives, the curriculum is designed to ensure that each student acquires, practices, and becomes proficient in social science research skills and develops a thorough familiarity with a substantive area.

Criminal Justice MA/ Social Work MSW [Dual Degree]

The dual master's program brings together the resources of the School of Criminal Justice and the School of Social Welfare. The dual master's program is directed at students who wish to combine expertise in criminal justice policy and research with the study of direct practice or management of human services. The joint degree broadens the range of student perspectives and interests in each of the schools, and widens the educational program available within each unit.