Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science is the natural home for students interested in artificial intelligence, forensics, graphics, modeling and simulation, natural language processing, networks, parallel and distributed processing, security, software engineering practice and principles, algorithms, discrete mathematics, logic and optimization.

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Computer Science MS

With its solid foundation in computer science theory and practice, the M.S. in Computer Science program is excellent preparation for a career in computing or for pursuing a doctorate.

Computer Science PhD

The Computer Science Ph.D. program prepares the student for a productive career as a research scholar in universities, the fields of industrial research and development, or within government research agencies.

The program develops the student's ability to recognize and formulate significant research problems, to express those using appropriate abstract models, to apply theoretical and/or experimental techniques for their solution, and to transmit the results to the scientific community. It also develops a broad understanding of computer science, mastery of the research methods appropriate for this major field, and the versatility to enter emerging fields.