Biometry and Statistics

Whether focused on the analysis and communication of public health data in governmental agencies, or involvement in public health or clinical research, biostatisticians are an important part of multi-disciplinary, scientific teams. The graduate programs in Biostatistics are designed to develop the theoretical foundation for applied statistical methods, and the application of these methods in the health sector. Our close relationship with the NYSDOH provides unique opportunities for learning-by-doing in collaborative research. Current statistical research areas of the department include time series, categorical data analysis, Bayes methods, propensity scoring, survival analysis, stochastic processes, sample surveys, mixture models and measurement errors.

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Biometry and Statistics M.S.

The M.S. program in Biostatistics stresses theory and methodology to provide students with skills that can be applied to many areas, including health care, economics, social, biological and environmental sciences and the development of observational studies and survey techniques. The M.S. program may also lead toward a doctoral degree with research focused on statistics, biometry, mathematics or econometrics.

Biometry and Statistics Ph.D.

Graduates completing the Biometry and Statistics PhD program will be prepared to serve as collaborators in public health projects, providing expert advice on the use of statistics in the analysis of public health data. Students will gain a strong foundation in the core areas of statistical science, develop skills in defining a problem and determining the variables that are relevant to solving a public health problem, understand the appropriate use of data, the integrity of data sets, and how data might be used in public health issues, and acquire specialized knowledge in two areas of statistical science.

Public Health MPH

The Master of Public Health (MPH) is a professional degree designed to prepare graduates to tackle real public health problems, as practitioners who can apply their breadth of understanding as well as some degree of expertise and experience in at least one specific area of public health.

Public Health MPH/MD (with Albany Med)

This dual degree is primarily targeted at medical students who are interested in acquiring knowledge in the public health field. The marriage between medicine and public health skills will enable physicians to be better practitioners and leaders in the fields of medicine and public health. The program will build upon the existing relationship between Albany Medical College and the School of Public Health to prepare physicians to be aware and capable of addressing public health problems and to create public health professionals adept at clinical knowledge and practice.