Master of Science in Geographic Information Science

Our Master of Science in GIS Is Open for Business!

The Department of Geography and Planning has just been granted permission to admit students to our new Master of Science in Geographic Information Science (MSGIS) program for Spring 2018. Information about the program is now online at the following sites:

Take a tour of the MS in GIS at the University at Albany!
Admission Requirements
Program of Study

If you have any questions about the program, admission requirements, or other issues, please email Dr. James Mower, Director of the MSGIS. Information on the MSGIS program is now being added to the University at Albany Graduate Bulletin.

Good news for students currently admitted to or having completed the Graduate Certificate in Geographic Information Systems (CGIS) program: all but one of your core courses can be counted toward MSGIS core or elective requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Master of Science in Geographic Information Science (MSGIS)

1. How long will it take to complete the program?
The MSGIS is a 36 credit program that will take the typical student 2 years to complete.

2. What are the admissions requirements?
Applicants must provide 3 letters of reference, transcripts, and GRE scores, and possibly TOEFL scores. See full Admissions Requirements here.

3. Can I use my graduate GIS Certificate credits to fulfill MSGIS requirements?
Yes—All GIS Certificate courses except GOG 596, Geographic Information Systems, meet MSGIS core or elective requirements and can also be counted toward the MSGIS.

4. Can I get the MSGIS at the same time as the MA or MRP?
You can, but only a limited number of courses can be counted for both degrees. If you plan to earn 2 degrees simultaneously, only 30% of the higher credit program can be shared with the other program. If, for example, you wish to earn the MA and MSGIS simultaneously, only 10 credits can be shared between the programs and you would need to complete at least 62 credits (if no GOG MA thesis) or 56 credits (if a GOG MA thesis) between both programs. The Certificate in GIS is an imbedded degree within either Master’s program and there are no limits on counting between a CGS and Master’s degree, so it would not require additional credits.
Please also see and scroll down to ‘Credit Applicable to Programs at the Same Degree/Certificate Level.’

5. Can I transfer from the MA/MRP to the MS in GIS?
The Office of Graduate Education will allow students to transfer to a new program during the term the new program was created up until the start of the next term. So in this case, they would allow a student to transfer up until January 22, 2018. If a student were to decide to transfer after this time frame, Graduate Education would require that he or she fill out a new application to be admitted to the program.

Thanks to everyone who has helped bring about this program and to all those who have waited patiently for its implementation. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

James Mower, Associate Professor
Director, MS in Geographic Information Science
Department of Geography and Planning
Arts and Sciences 218, University at Albany
Albany, New York 12222
Voice: 518-442-4779
FAX: 518-442-4742