GLO 376 Global Ethnography

This course is about globalization and its impact on local communities worldwide. The term globalization will be understood not as a large-scale abstract and deterritorialized process, but one that has impact, consequences, and influence on local communities on a daily basis. The course is titled "Global Ethnography," which means that the class will be reading first-hand accounts of scholars who have documented the effects of globalizations on local communities. Through these accounts students will be learning about the different ways globalization is affecting local communities at social, economic, and cultural levels. The class will also be hearing the voices of local people and understanding globalization from people's perspectives. The readings in this course will enable a better understanding of globalization as it is embedded, manifested, and negotiated by localities as well as its real-life personal, social, and communal repercussions in people's lives. The course will examine different globalizing "agents" in various contexts such as tourism, street vending, language, landscape, consumerism, capitalism, remittance housing, among others. Only one version may be taken for credit. Prerequisite(s): at least one course of A ANT 108, A ANT 119, A GOG 102, A GOG/A USP 125, A GLO 103, or A SOC 115, or permission of instructor.