GOG 230 Reform and Resistance in Contemporary China

The course provides a survey of economic and social change in reform-era China (1978-present), beginning with a broad review of the policies that have brought about such a monumental restructuring of the economy. In the later sections of the in-class discussion will focus on the human impacts of the reforms and the extent to which the Chinese people have been constrained in their struggles for a better life and a more just and equitable society. Readings and materials from other media (including contemporary film and literature) will be selected to illustrate some of the ways the Chinese people have been exerting agency in shaping their own fate and resisting the inevitable forces that seem likely to overwhelm them in the new era of free-wheeling capitalism. The classroom discussions will focus on specific case studies of resistance drawn from a variety of sites and a range of contexts in contemporary China, which will be discussed and analyzed in the context of social science theories about the nature of resistance and its outcomes. The course will present ideas and a body of literature that question and critique the dominant 'narrative of success' that currently pervades Western media and academic curricula. Formerly A EAC/A GOG 230H. Only one version of T GOG 230 may be taken for credit. Prerequisite(s): open to Honors College students only.