Courses in Urban Studies & Planning

More than 80% of Americans live in metropolitan areas.  Urban opportunities, hopes, and problems affect all of us.  Urban Studies and Planning majors become deeply engaged with questions of community and neighborhood development, urban policy and design, sustainability, transportation, regionalism, and community development. The program mixes conventional classes with fieldwork and computer-based learning, and prepares students for careers or graduate study in fields as varied as planning, urban economic development, historic preservation, advocacy, and community mobilization.  This is a broad liberal arts major, not a planning accredited one but The department houses a fully accredited graduate planning program and our majors benefit from interaction with planning practitioners as well as regular faculty.  

A USP 106 Introduction to Geospatial Technologies (3)
A USP 125 The American City (3)
A USP 201 Introductory Urban Planning (3)
A USP 220 Introductory Urban Geography (3)
A USP 225/225Z World Cities: Geographies of Globalization (3)
A USP 315Z State and Regional Planning (3)
A USP 320 International Urban Planning (3)
A USP 324 The City on Computer (3)
A USP 325 Global Urbanism and Culture (3)
A USP 328 Gender, Space, and Place (3)
A USP 330 Principles of Environmental Management (3)
A USP 360 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (3)
A USP 364Y India: Development Debates (3)
A USP 375 Methods of Urban Analysis (3)
A USP 420 Introduction to Real Estate Development (3)
A USP 425 Community Development and Neighborhood Planning (3)
A USP 426 Community Development and Neighborhood Planning Workshop (1–4)
A USP 427Y Human Factors in Geographic Information Science (3)
A USP 430/430Z Environmental Planning (3)
A USP 432 Parks, Preservation and Heritage Planning (3)
A USP 433Y Urban Ecology (3)
A USP 436 Landscape Planning (3)
A USP 437 Landscape Planning Workshop (3-4)
A USP 443 Transportation History and Policy (3)
A USP 449 Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation Planning (3)
A USP 451 Introductory Computer Aided Design (1)
A USP 452 CADD in Planning (3)
A USP 456 Geographic Information Systems (3)
A USP 457 Advanced GIS (3)
A USP 460 People, Place, and Power (3)
A USP 474 Site Planning (3)
A USP 475 Urban Design (3)
A USP 476 Urban Design and Site Planning Workshop (1-4)
A USP 480 Advanced Urban Geography (3)
A USP 485 Topics in Planning (1-4)
A USP 490 Planning Internship (3)
A USP 497 Independent Study in Planning (2–4)