Share your Schuyler Building memories

We want to hear what the Schuyler Building means to you.

Completed in 1912, the Schuyler Building served until 1974 as Albany High School, with thousands of students passing through its ornate tile hallways and gathering in its stunning, three-story auditorium.

More recently, the Gothic Revival landmark, seen at right in a Times Union photo, served as a temporary home for Philip Schuyler Elementary School and the Adult Learning Center until UAlbany purchased it in 2013 from the City School District of Albany.

If you attended school at the Schuyler Building, or if you taught or otherwise worked there, we would love to hear from you!

You can share your memories of the building via email here.

The Schuyler Building is currently vacant. But with your help, it won't be for long. UAlbany has an ambitious plan to put this Albany landmark back to work as the new home of the University's College of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

If you'd like to see the Schuyler Building brought back to life, you can lend your voice to our advocacy efforts here.

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