State University

The following items related to SUNY State-operated campuses were included in this year’s Executive budget:

  • The Executive Budget largely reflects the 2017-18 Enacted Budget levels of support and appropriation authority. The budget covers a $105 million increase in SUNY fringe benefits.
  • The $78.6 million SUNY hospitals subsidy was eliminated and the budget instead provides $78.6 million in capital support.
  • A continuation of $18 million for the 2015/16 Investment and Performance Fund based on a methodology approved by the Chancellor and the Board of Trustees.
  • A continuation of Inclusion of an undergraduate tuition plan in which SUNY Board of Trustees will be empowered to increase resident tuition by a maximum of $200 per year above the approved amount for the prior year and would run from 2017-18 to 2020-21. (Subject to SUNY Board of Trustees approval.)
  • No new appropriation is provided for the NYSUNY 2020 program.

The Executive Budget recommends $350 million in critical maintenance funding, which is a reduction of $200 million from the $550 million that was provided in last year’s Enacted Budget. Of the $350 million, $153.4 million is allocated for State-operated/statutory campuses (UAlbany’s share is $9.685 million, up from $9.447 million) and $196.6 million in a lump sum for priority critical maintenance projects (UAlbany received $6.159 million last year for a total of $15.6 million in total SUNY capital). While its allocation is yet to be determined, priority will be given to projects that address life and safety concerns, core infrastructure in need of replacement and upgrading buildings and infrastructure to meet current codes and regulations, such as ADA.

The Executive Budget also includes language which would extend the authorization for design/build procurements to various entities, but does not include SUNY or the State University Construction Fund. The extension of design/build authority to the Dormitory Authority of the State of New York (DASNY) is also included.