University at Albany

Expertise at UAlbany

UAlbany has a great array of faculty and staff experts in environmentally related fields. Members who are experts in key fields are listed below. Students can find many, many more faculty experts in such areas as Biological Sciences, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Geography and Planning, Public Administration and Policy, Political Science, Public Health and other disciplines.

UAlbany Faculty and Staff Environmental Experts:

Roger Bisbing
Outdoor sculpture

Ronald Bosco
Emerson and Thoreau

Maia Boswel-Penc
Women's Studies
Environmental Justice

JoAnne Carson
Natural themes

Sarah Cohen
Art History, Women's Studies
Artistic representations of animals in the eighteenth century

John Delano
Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
Resources and energy use; NASA-funded research includes areas related to the sustainability of earliest life on earth. (Family powers home with solar photovoltaic system.)

Kenneth Demerjian
Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
Atmospheric chemistry and air quality

Edward Fitzgerald
Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, School of Public Health
Adverse health effects of environmental and occupational exposures to toxic agents

Lisa Donohue
Environmental Health and Safety
Hazardous waste

Michael Fancher
College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering
Federal, state and local economic development, energy, and environmental programs

Sanjay Goel
Department of Information Technology Management
Information security, nanosensor network, self-organizing systems complexity

Pradeep Haldar
Department of Nanoengineering
Alternative energy technologies, fuel cells, hydrogen solar energy, superconductors

Kristen Hessler
Environmental Ethics, Agriculture

Helmut V.B. Hirsch
Department of Biological Sciences
World food crisis: an interdisciplinary approach to understanding global problems through analyses of nutritional, agricultural and environmental aspects of world hunger

Gary Kleppel
Department of Biological Sciences
Aquatic ecology; effect of human demographic and land-use patterns on ecosystem integrity

Kajal Lahiri
Department of Economics
Economic Forecasting, economics of energy, transportation economics, energy/gasoline prices

Andrei Lapenas
Department of Geography and Planning
Climate, global carbon cycle, soils

Catherine Lawson
Geography and Planning
Land use and transportation planning

Fernando Leiva
Latin American and Caribean Studies
Water Rights in the Andes

David Lewis
Department of Geography and Planning
Environmental Restoration

Office of Energy Management
Energy efficiency and conservation

Michele McConville
Environmental Health and Safety
Hazardous waste and Recycling

Robert Nakamura
Department of Political Science, Rockefeller College
Superfund clean-up approaches and comparison with strategies in other countries

Richard Perez
Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
Solar energy applications

John Pipkin
Department of Geography and Planning
Urban design, built environment, urban geography

George Robinson
Department of Biological Sciences
Forest ecology, tree disease, botany, watershed ecology, riparian ecology, ecological restoration, habitat reclamation, biological conservation

Kwadwo Sarfoh
Africana Studies
Water in Africa; resource development in Africa

Holly Sims
Rockefeller College
International Environmental Policy