University at Albany

Class Projects

The Office of Environmental Sustainability has partnered with academic departments on the following projects:

School of Business:

BMKT 351: Consumer Behavior class, Professor Commuri
Students worked in groups to study recycling and energy conservation behaviors at UAlbany and provided recommendations on how to alter student attitudes and induce environmental responsibility.

G3  “Going Green Globally” First Year MBA Program, Professors Kryzkowski and Miesing
MBA students work in teams and evaluate the sustainability strategies and opportunities for local company clients.  G3 was created to simulate the real world, high intensity environment of managing in a volatile and competitive market. UAlbany faculty and scientists team up to work with executives during the nine-day project. G3 culminates with presentations simulating the board room delivered to faculty, executives, university guests and MBA students! 

School of Arts & Science:

AART 310: Studio Experiments in Visual Thinking, Professor Frelin
Students were challenged use their creativity in meaningful ways as a 21st century artist who thinks carefully about the immediate community in which they live. Artistic pieces were created in three categories: resources, labor distribution and relations.

AGOG 502: Geography and Planning, Statistical Methods, Professor Lawson
As part of a grant funded project, Professor Lawson teamed up with the Office of Environmental Sustainability and Institutional Research to conduct a comprehensive campus wide survey of commuting behaviors.  Her statistics class used a public version of this data for a real world application of statistical techniques.