University at Albany

Mission Statement

UAlbany Environmental Sustainability Task Force

Mission Statement

December 2008


President Kermit Hall created the Task Force on Environmental Sustainability on February 1, 2006, outlining its broad goal: "As a public higher education institution, the University at Albany has both an obligation and an opportunity to be a leader in environmental sustainability. Our institution can and should serve as a model for other colleges and universities as well as for our own students and the community around us." Subsequently, Interim President George Philip signed the American College and University Presidents' Climate Commitment in May 2008.


The mission of the task force is to promote sustainability at the University at Albany by encouraging the conservation and efficient use of natural resources on campus, initiating projects that reduce the University's environmental impact and setting an example of sustainable living for the community at large. Further, the task force seeks to increase awareness of the University's responsibility to operate in an environmentally accountable manner; teach the principles of sustainable living to our students and colleagues; and demonstrate the economics and other benefits of sustainable living to all.


The three major goals of the task force are to:

1) Calculate what it takes to run our 20,000 plus member UAlbany community including a full accounting of the waste we generate.

2) Find ways to lower consumption, protect environmental resources, and reduce waste. Along the way, we document the benefits that accrue to our health and financial well-being.

3) Study our impact on the world and take responsibility for the consequences of our actions.