Global Multilingual Online College Home

Global Multilingual Online College was founded by Dr. Arash Alaei and Dr. Kamiar Alaei who have been working for two decades in the fields of global education and international health focusing on right to education and right to health.

One of their main goals is to increase access to higher education and deliver acceptable programs with high quality service. For several years, they were innovative in leading, developing, and delivering numerous programs online in different respective languages of participants from different countries to increase access to worldwide diversity for individuals who cannot speak English. To achieve this goal, the Alaei brothers established the Global Multilingual College with the support of UAlbany president, provost, deans, and the Center for International Education and Global Strategy.

The College will facilitate the delivery of online courses in different languages to increase access to a global audience such as students, professionals and those who intend to engage in higher education including displaced refugees and people in conflict zones. This pioneer online college will connect the millions of students around the world who do not currently have sufficient English proficiency to take academic courses in English by providing courses in their native languages delivered with the quality of the State University of New York System. Through this college, individuals in different situations and locations will have equal access to higher education fulfilling their human right to access quality education.

This college will facilitate two programs:

  1. Academic courses in different native languages
  2. Intensive Language Program

Global Multilingual Online College will facilitate access to academic courses through grants and other funding sources for people seeking to continue their education in their native languages in addition to individual applicants. These projects are available for private and public companies, institutions or groups of individuals who seek to take courses funded through contracts.