Class of 1952 Scholar - Samuel Gorenstein

Samuel Gorenstein

Recipient of the Class of 1952 Scholarship

After graduating last May with a degree in English, Samuel Gorenstein, B.A.’13, headed for New York City, where he joined the Upright Citizens Brigade, an improvisational and sketch-comedy group co-founded by actress Amy Poehler. Now, he’s back in the Capital Region, aiming for a career in “something related to acting and writing. I love to do stand-up.” Gorenstein, 22, who had a double minor in journalism and theatre, was a member of the Presidential Honor Society and of Sketchy Characters, UAlbany’s sketch and comedy group. While at UAlbany, he applied for an internship with “The Late Show With David Letterman.” The opportunity went to someone else, but “I was honored to make it into the top 50 finalists for the internship.” Gorenstein, who received the Class of 1952 Scholarship, believes the award has helped him obtain interviews. “I applied for a position as proofreader and copy editor with the New York State Bar Association; the interviewer was impressed by my résumé and mentioned that the interview was very positive. I don’t think I could have done that without the opportunities UAlbany gave me.” Added Gorenstein: “A scholarship doesn’t just recognize your accomplishments; it also gives you more opportunities. I’m grateful and I’m honored to have won the Class of 1952 Scholarship.” As an Albany native raised in Guilderland, proximity was a factor in his choice of college, “but the thing that really decided me on UAlbany was that it offered the New York State Writers Institute, and the academic programs all looked amazing. It was a place I could get a good education.”