Edward Gallatin B. Hudson Presidential Scholar - Rehnuma Rahman

Habeeb Famuyide

Recipient of the Mildred Button Willits '19 Scholarship

Habeeb Famuyide, recently awarded the Mildred Button Willits ’19 Scholarship, plans to “keep getting good grades and striving to do my best.” With math as “my strong point,” he’s well on his way to a degree in accounting. Like Charles O. Willits, who established the scholarship through his estate, Famuyide hopes to give back to UAlbany one day: “It’s a great thing to support the next generation coming up.” The 19-year-old sophomore from Inwood, N.Y., is also grateful for the students, faculty and staff he has met at the University. “The people here have been great,” Famuyide said. “I feel that if you surround yourself with people who are willing to learn and reach the same goals and have great careers, then you will succeed. UAlbany really does put ‘the world within reach.’”