Frances M. Moeller '28 Scholar - Umaru Barrie

Ashley Dawson

Recipient of the Kristin Dolan '88 Scholarship

“Somebody else believes in me” is the way Ashley Dawson summed up her emotions on receiving the Kristin Dolan ’88 Scholarship. It’s wonderful, she added, “that I can go to college and earn a degree.” The freshman from Brooklyn, N.Y., is thrilled to be at UAlbany: “The University was the place for me. It’s in a college town with a welcoming atmosphere.” Dawson is looking into clubs and other activities; she enjoys playing volleyball with friends at the outdoor court on Dutch Commons. With regard to her career aspirations – teaching at the college level – Dr. Peter Kunze, who teaches Writing and Critical Inquiry, may provide guidance for her. “He incorporates humor into his lessons and makes them more memorable. I currently have five classes, and his is my favorite,” Dawson observed. “I look forward to that class every week.”