Meet Emilee Thibeau

“I am honored and deeply grateful for your support. I am currently a Business Administration major with a concentration in Management and Information Systems and Business Analysis (ISBA). I hope one day I can manage a big part of a company or even become one of the chief officers of a large organization… Thank you again for your generosity and support. I plan to continue to work hard and dedicate my time at UAlbany to be the best student I can be. My education will help me be successful in the future and allow me to give back to others as you have given to me.”

Emilee Thibeau

2020-2021 Recipient of the AAACA Scholarship

Emilee Thibeau

What are some activities/organizations you're involved in on campus?
During my time at the University I have been a member of Albany Business Leaders Emerging. My first semester I was in an LLC and specifically it was the World of Accounting and Business. Also, I attended a few practices with the women’s ultimate frisbee club.

What is your favorite thing about UAlbany?
My favorite thing about UAlbany is the people. I have made a lot of great friends through the University that I consider to be friends for life. Also, Professors and the Administration have been super helpful, nice, and knowledgeable. Everyone I have met on campus is always nice.