UAlbany Fund Ambassadors

About the UAlbany Fund Ambassadors

Our UAlbany Fund Ambassadors are faculty and staff donors across campus helping to promote philanthropy on campus and in their own department or college.

Thank you ambassadors for your support and efforts!

To learn more about our UAlbany Fund Ambassador program, please contact Lisa Gonzalez at 7-4511 or [email protected].


2019-2020 UAlbany Fund Ambassadors

Faculty and Staff Ambassadors

College of Arts and Sciences
Lance Bosart – Atmospheric Sciences
Thomas Begley – Biological Sciences (RNA Institute)
Kathleen Cummings - English
Glenn Deane – Sociology
Jeremy Feldblyum – Chemistry 
Ron Friedman – Psychology
Richard Hamm - History
Archana Krishnan – Communication 
Rui Li – Geography & Planning
PD Magnus – Philosophy
Olimpia Pelosi – Languages, Literatures & Cultures
Karin Reinhold – Mathematics & Statistics
Corinna Ripps-Schaming – Art Museum (Art & Art History Department)
Michael Sattinger – Economics
Bernadette Socha – Music and Theatre

Rockefeller College 
Zakhar Berkovich
Renee Wallingford 
Victor Asal
J. Ramon Gil-Garcia - CTG

Michael Baumgardner
George Berg

Diana Edelson

School of Criminal Justice
Diana Mancini

School of Social Welfare
Alyssa Lotmore
Andrea Poulopoulos

School of Education
Alison Olin

School of Public Health
Mary Gallant
Deb Oriola
Caitlin Reid

University Programs
Jennifer Baldwin - UPD
Lisa-Anne Donohue – EH&S/Facilities
Brian Gabriel – Undergraduate Education
Kristin Hamel - Provost’s Office & Financial Mgmt
Ekow King – Intercultural Student Engagement
Rachel Moody – International Education
Theresa Pardo – CTG
Patrick Romain – EOP
Cindy Riggi – Student Affairs
Mo Schifley – UAS
Brian Selchick – Human Resources
Cheryl Simmons – Center for Leadership & Service/Student Affairs
Stacey Stern – Facilities Mgmt.
Lisa Trubitt - ITS
Mary Van Ullen – Libraries 
Roberto Vives – Athletics

Retired/Emeritus Faculty: Ronald Bosco, Hazel Prelow, Aran Mull and Vivien Ng