Gifts of Stock and Securities

The following methods may be used for transferring stock to The University at Albany Foundation:

If you hold the stock certificate in your name, it may be delivered or mailed to The Foundation. To make the stock certificate negotiable, it needs to be endorsed by the owner. We recommend that stock certificates not be endorsed on the back but rather that a stock power form be used for endorsement purposes. Brokerage firms and banks usually have blank stock power forms and we do as well. Endorsement requires a signature Medallion guaranteed by an authorized officer of a brokerage firm or bank that is registered by the S.E.C. When using a stock power form, fill in only the signature(s) and the date at the bottom.

If the stock is held in a brokerage account ("street name"), you may either ask the broker to mail the certificate to The Foundation or have it transferred electronically to our brokerage account via the Depository Trust Company (DTC). Please note that The Foundation maintains accounts with several brokerage firms and it is possible that we may have an account with your broker. This would make the transfer easier. For information on our account and broker, please contact our office.

Whether you hold the stock certificate or it is in a brokerage account, you may send the certificate to the stock transfer agent (usually a bank) and ask that the stock be re-registered into the name of The Foundation and have the transfer agent mail the stock certificate to The Foundation or to our broker.

Learn more about giving Odd Lots - fewer than 100 shares of stocks.

If giving fractional shares such as through a Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRIP), The University at Albany Foundation can assist you with your gift.

If giving Mutual Fund shares, please contact us before taking action since The Foundation also has existing accounts with several mutual fund groups and a transfer of shares may be accomplished more easily. For information contact Lori Matt-Murphy, Associate Vice President for Planned Giving,, or call toll free 1-888-226-5600.

The World Within Reach - The Morris Altman Research Fund

Gary M. Jacobson '82 Scholarship:
Established by Foundation Director and UAlbany alumnus Gary Jacobson, B.A. '82 to support undergraduates involved in community service projects benefiting children.