Shawndele Lutchman

Howard and Rosalie Lefkowitz Memorial Fund


Shawndele Anastasia Lutchman

Upon learning in early October that she’d received a $750 award from the Howard and Rosalie Lefkowitz Memorial Fund, Bronx, N.Y.,resident Shawndele Anastasia Lutchman had two reactions: “shock” and “surprise.”

The 19-year-old School of Business directadmit freshman acknowledges, “I come from a low-income family, and my family is as thankful as I am to the donors who established the fund.”

For Lutchman, whose family moved from Trinidad and Tobago to New York City nine years ago, the United States is “the Land of Opportunity,” and the award is making it possible for her to avail herself of “the opportunity to attend college. It’s a great feeling that someone wants to help me with my education. I love the business school. It’s so prestigious – so well known.”

Someday, says Lutchman, “I want to help others with their college expenses.”

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Established by Foundation Director and UAlbany alumnus Gary Jacobson, B.A. '82 to support undergraduates involved in community service projects benefiting children.